When I was looking for a specific executive opportunity in the St. Louis area, Steve Ecker of Top Producers successfully assisted me in the identifying, interviewing and placement process.  Not only was Mr. Ecker professional and efficient, he was knowledgeable and informative regarding St. Louis, its businesses and the IT industry as a whole.  After 2 1/2 years working for the employer that Top Producers indentified, I still look forward to my job and the daily challenges it affords.  With this, I recommend Steve Ecker and Top Producers without reservation to any executive seeking a first-rate executive search/placement firm.

Annabel E., Director - Project Services - Placed 2002

"The Recruiting ("Headhunter") industry is probably as competitive as it has ever been and the choices are endless, but in such a tight economy like we are in, it is imperative that you partner with the right firm. I'm extremely fortunate to have partnered with Steve Ecker from Top Producers, because had I not, I'm sure that I wouldn't be in the ideal position and work environment that I am currently in.

I've worked with a few recruiters and I can say that none of them took the extra time to find out about my work experience and, more importantly about me personally to the depth Top Producers did. It's because of that extra time Steve spent to learn more about me and my personality that helped him match me up with an open position he was working on. While my work experience wasn't perfect for the Company requirements, he knew that my personality was an ideal match for what his client was looking for. I'm very thankful Steve took the extra time with his client and with me to find out what was really important to both of us.

Top Producers definitely exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend them."

Mark R., National Sales Manager - Placed 2003

"It's difficult to change careers, especially in a tight labor market. Steve Ecker of Top Producers took my profile, experience, goals and skills and he found a perfect fit.  I would recommend that anyone interested in aligning themselves more effectively with the right industry, position and company talk top top producers."



Tom B., Senior Sales Represetative - Placed 2004

"I'm very passionate about my work and it's important to me to meet my clients' needs. Although I really enjoyed the work I was doing, I was somewhat frustrated with the lack of products I could offer my clients through the regional bank I worked for. Steve was very thorough in determining exactly what types of products I wanted to sell and which institution offered them. Not only am I happy with the product quality I'm now representing, I'm really enjoying the benefits of working for a Fortune 500 company that Top Producers found for me."

Lanni B, Private Banker - Placed 2005

"After nearly 20 years in the financial services industry, Top Producers help helped me find my current role as sales manager over brokerage services. My position required relocation to St. Louis from central Kansas. Steve Ecker of Top Producers was very helpful in preparing me for my interviews. He informed me what to expect, and the personality of the decision maker. On follow up interviews he took the time to help me organize my questions and rank them in priorities based on what was important to me. He assured that I would make a positive impression on the people whom I was interviewing. Thanks to Top Producers, I have transitioned in to what has turned out to be a great fit for me personally. Steve was very helpful in my securing my current position and I would recommend Top Producers to anyone with a proven track record looking to grow their career."

Hugo E., Senior Sales Manager - Placed 2004

"I was introduced to Top Producers Search Firm, Inc. through a colleague.  Knowing that the key to finding the right position is to have a wide network of clients, I decided to get to know Steve.  Steve is a professional.  He is thorough, gets to know his clients well, and seeks to find the best long term fit available.  I could not be more pleased with the position he discovered for me.

Since placing me as the Director of Sales of a local fabricator, I have also had the opportunity to work with Top Producers in finding candidates for positions. Steve consistently puts candidates in front of me that fit the profile I have described.

I would highly recommend Top Producers for individuals who are seeking to advance their career or for companies seeking qualified candidates."

- Don L., Director of Sales - Placed 2002

"After meeting with Steve at Top Producers, I was able to work towards my career goal. He put me in touch with an organization that fit my needs, personality and skill level. Having been with the same company almost 2 years, I would say- he made a great match! Top Producers is a professional company that brought out the best in me."



- Shannon K., Account Manager - Placed 2003

"When I was looking for a new career opportunity, Steve at Top Producers was extremely helpful in assisting me in finding companies that fit my search criteria. It was nice to work with a recruiter that was prompt in responding to my calls, open and honest regarding feedback from companies I was interviewing with and professional all in the same sense. I would definitely recommend Top Producers when you are in search for a new career move that fits your skills!"



- Matt S., Sr. Sales Representative - Placed 2002

"Working with Top Producers was a great experience for me. Steve spent a lot of time with me learning about my skills and experience to help place me in a job that was perfectly suited for me. We worked together every step of the way during the interview process and beyond to ensure a smooth transition to my new job. I feel that the personal attention and guidance really made the difference for me."

- Jessica T., Sales Representative - Placed 2004

When Top Producers first contacted me, I was very satisfied in my current position but Steve asked some very insightful questions as to my future career goals. Based on those questions, Top Producers had a very good idea of the type of position/company I would consider in regards to making a career move. Well, to my surprise about 4-6 months after meeting with Steve, he presented to me what I felt was a perfect fit in a company and Sales Management opportunity I was looking for. Steve was very professional throughout the process and I look forward to working with Steve and Top Producers as I have Sales positions to fill on my team.

Alan H., Branch Sales Manager - Placed 2005


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