"Prior to starting Top Producers Search Firm, Inc. Steve was my Branch Manager for our St. Louis IT Consulting office. Steve communicated to me several months prior to his departure that he possessed a vision for starting a sales recruiting organization. We discussed the option of Steve launching a sales recruitment division of my IT consulting company but we realized that was not the best, mutual fit. 

Whether it's IT recruitment, staffing, project based solutions or sales recruiting, you are only as good as the candidates you present to your clients. Steve has done a solid job of implementing a process to ensure he presents quality candidates. As a rule, I don't enter into a business relationship with former employees of my organization. For Steve, I made an exception because I could see that his recruitment process would benefit my organization. Recruitment, or top grading is something all companies must do on an ongoing basis. I frequently entrust Top Producers to do that work for me. We pride ourselves on utilizing great discernment when bringing on a new employee to our team. Steve knows our profile and consistently presents candidates who fit that profile. I'm confident that with an understanding of your profile, Top Producers will deliver the candidates you seek."

- Brad L., President - Relationship since 1998

"When Hallmark Stone Company decided to expand the role of its Sales Manager, Steve Ecker of Top Producers offered to help.  Steve not only developed a list of potential candidates, he screened the candidates comprehensively and scheduled all the interviews. Once we were ready to make an offer, I asked Steve to review the offer and he made helpful suggestions on how to best structure the compensation package. 

My Sales Manager is one of the best hires I have ever made and Top Producers was directly responsible for bringing us together."

- Fred C., President - Relationship since 1992

"Steve is the former branch manager of a very successful technology services company. In that role, Steve reported to me. I had the benefit of knowing what I had in Steve and his organization Top Producers Search Firm, Inc. before I entered into an external business relationship with him. Our relationship spans more than 7 years. Steve's personal performance as a manager in the IT services business was very strong.


Steve led the following achievements during his three years as our branch manager:

  • Increased gross profit dollars by 47%
  • Increased net profit dollars by over 100%
  • Increased employee referrals from less than 5% in 1997 to 30% in 2000
  • Received the "Exceeding Expectations" award for increasing number of billable consultants by 18% in 2000

I share these details with you to illustrate that Steve understands the IT services business and is a top producer himself. In 2004, I hired 2 new sales employees from Top Producers. They have now been a part of my team for a year and have exeeded my expectations.

To anyone seeking quality sales or executive level management candidates, Top Producers Search Firm, Inc. has my highest recommendation. The reasons? Because they have a process in place to cold call recruit passively seeking candidates, qualify true top production, validate via past supervisors, respond quickly and provide
tremendous value."

- David F., Managing Director - Relationship since 1998

"Top Producers is an excellent resource for Business Training Library. With our aggressive growth goals, we've been able to rely heavily on Top Producers to find us the most qualified candidates to fill our new positions.  Steve has been exceptional in his ability to truly understand our culture and find candidates who are "A" players whoe are, at the same time, conducive to our environment.  Fit is just as important to Business Training Library as experience.  I look forward to Top Producer's services being an integral part of our long-term employee growth strategy and I would recommend Top Producers to any company looking for help in reaching their employee growth goals."

- Kelly B., Sales Manager - Relationship since 2004

"I was introduced to Top Producers Search Firm, Inc. through a colleague.  Knowing that the key to finding the right position is to have a wide network of clients, I decided to get to know Steve.  Steve is a professional.  He is thorough, gets to know his clients well, and seeks to find the best long term fit available.  I could not be more pleased with the position he discovered for me.

Since placing me as the Director of Sales of a local fabricator, I have also had the opportunity to work with Top Producers in finding candidates for positions. Steve consistently puts candidates in front of me who fit the profile I have described.

I would highly recommend Top Producers for individuals who are seeking to advance their career or for companies seeking qualified candidates."

- Don L., Director of Sales- Relationship since 2002

"I was introduced to Top Producers in January of 2003 by my brother who is a top performing salesperson in Kansas City. Since then, I have relied heavily upon Top Producers to help meet our growing company's sales staffing needs. Top Producers understands our profile and consistently presents strong performers who are also a solid cultural fit. In the past two years, I've hired 10 salespeople through Top Producers. Of our top 5 salespeople, Top Producers introduced us to 4 of them.

Top Producers has my highest recommendation because they only present candidates with strong track records, they save me considerable time and they stand behind their service."

- Kristie J., VP Sales - Relationship since 2002


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