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Our 25 Step Search Process

1) Fully understand client need, their sense of urgency and strategize, “How will we attract a top producer?”

2) Recommend a search program that appears to meet our client’s need with the flexibility to tailor the fee agreement.

3) The fee agreement is the product of an amount that our client is comfortable with along with being substantial enough to justify the time needed by Top Producers to conduct the search at the priority level suitable to client.

4) Based on a list of suggested sources (competitors, companies selling to the same contacts, Top Producers database, etc.) Top Producers puts together a list of 100+ individuals to call.

5) Share the profile and ask “Who do you know who has this profile that you’d rate a 9 or 10 on a 1—10 scale.”

6) Put together “short list” of 20+ qualified candidates. Be more direct with these individuals.

7) Phone screen candidates for potential mutual fit/interest.

8) Conduct comprehensive interview of qualified candidates.

9) Determine potential reason for change (RFC). Ensure that the candidate’s RFC is in alignment with what the client is looking for.

10) Determine candidate’s sense of urgency. Ensure timing might work.

11) Ask candidate: “What are your short-term and long-term career goals?” to ensure what they are looking to do is provided by client need.

12) Inform candidate that W-2’s may be required by client during the salary negotiation stage. With that in mind, what have you W-2’d the past two years and what portion has been base.

13) Qualify potential candidates as “Top Producers”:

  • How does your company determine success?
  • How has your performance been relative to that definition?
  • What is your quota and performance versus quota?
  • How many peers do what you do locally/regionally/nationally?
  • Which past supervisors can verify this information?

14) Present top candidates to client and explain why I feel they will bring value to their organization.

15) Set up interview with candidate and client.

16) Ensure the candidate is prepared for interview.

17) Prepare the client for candidate hot buttons.

18) Debrief candidate regarding questions and/or concerns they have, what they like, interest level, where client ranks relative to other opportunities they may be looking at.

19) Debrief client and share pertinent information with the client regarding the candidate debrief, understand their concerns, what they like about the candidate, their interest level and next steps.

20) Communicate the timeline and sense of urgency to client and candidate during the interview process.

21) Schedule 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. interviews and prepare and debrief after each meeting.

22) Help facilitate realistic expectations for the candidate and client regarding compensation parameters.

23) Check or provide references that were given prior to the candidate being submitted to client.

24) Assist candidate with resignation letter—help them understand the likelihood of a counteroffer and discuss what they will do if that occurs.

25) Stay tuned to candidate after resignation and through start date to mitigate any potential problems. Continue communication with both parties to ensure a smooth transition to client’s team.

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