"My Sales Manager is one of the best hires I have ever made and Top Producers was directly responsible for bringing us together."

Fred C.
Relationship since 1992
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Why Top Producers?
Top Producers doesn't rely heavily on the Internet to surface candidates. We ask the right questions of the right people to find the perfect, highly referred, candidates to meet a client's unique needs. We work in defined niches; therefore we do not flood our clients with unqualified candidates they have to spend countless hours sifting through. We understand the niches we serve and always stay current with the latest trends in each of them.

We comprehensively interview all candidates (Face to face when appropriate) and apply our exclusive screening process to each candidate. Only then will candidates be presented to a client—leaving them with the peace of mind that they need only choose from the best possible candidates.

Experience. The founder of Top Producers, Steve Ecker has been a top producing salesperson & sales manager since 1987. He understands how to identify top producing prospects and will professionally represent your organization.

Options. Top Producers conducts Contingency, Retained and Hybrid searches. We are nimble enough to tailor a search plan that will best meet your needs.

Verification. Top Producers’ focuses on Production and Accomplishments versus experience and responsibilities. Our candidate interview template will give you an idea of the detailed questions we ask our candidates. If a candidate is not able to communicate why they are a top 25% producer and provide references to support that production, they will not be presented to our clients. That’s why you’ll see “References of past supervisors available at the appropriate time” listed at the bottom of candidates submitted by Top Producers.

Efficient. Due to our process, our clients interview 80% of the candidates we submit. Our interview to placement ratio is well below the industry average which means you’ll spend less time interviewing candidates to find the right fit to grow your business.

Performance. Since May of 2001, Top Producers has helped raise the bar for over two dozen clients from Fortune 500 companies to emerging local businesses.


Our Niche Areas of Focus
Our 25 Step Search Process



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